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Who's Who?


Priest in charge: Lissa Scott


Lissa is vicar at St Matthew & St Luke’s as well as being the vicar for St Michael’s Heighington. She is the main contact for the church and can always be contacted with questions or to chat about anything you wish to discuss. Lissa has been with us since 2011.




Associate Priest: Ruth Dawson


Ruth was ordained Priest in 2016. Along with Lissa, she spends her time here and at Heighington.






                     Ruth Irving                                                                Gordon Tough

The Churchwardens have a wide ranging brief and with their team are responsible for many aspects of the running of the parish including, in co-operation with the vicar:-

  • Day to day running of the Parish
  • Maintenance of the church and facilities
  • Welcoming visitors and Church dignitaries
  • On occasion standing in for the vicar


Assistant Churchwardens



     Diane Evans               


     Peter Waistell


     Peter Craig            


Authorised Pastoral Assistant

Joyce Barber

Joyce is our Authorised Pastoral Assistant (APA) and leads our Pastoral Care team. Originally from Hillingdon in Middlesex, Joyce moved to Darlington in 2003 from Kent where she had lived for over 30 years.

Supported by the Pastoral Care Team, Joyce is responsible for:

  • Overseeing the provision of Home Communion to those who are housebound or in care.
  • Initial contact with families coming for Baptism when they visit the office.
  • Delivering the Baptism preparation.
  • Visiting the sick and housebound.
  • Joyce is also authorized to conduct Communion by Extension at St Matthew & St Luke’s.


Parochial Church Council (PCC) Members

The PCC is the governing body of the Church. It is responsible for Church policy, direction and finance.

Joyce Barber (Treasurer/Safeguarding Officer), Val Collins, Peter Craig, Revd Ruth Dawson (Associate Priest), Diane Evans (PCC Minute Secretary/Deanery Synod Rep), Siobhan Hunt, Ruth Irving (Church Warden), Mavis Jubb (PCC Secretary), Andrew McNaughton, Carol Richardson, Revd Lissa Scott  (Vicar), Gordon Tough (Church Warden), Barbara Waistell, Peter Waistell, Sheila Walker (Deanery Synod Rep)

The PCC operates through a number of Committees, which meet periodically between PCC meetings.

Standing Committee:  Rev. Lissa Scott (Chair), Joyce Barber (Treasurer) Ruth Irving and Gordon Tough (Church Wardens), Mavis Jubb (PCC Secretary) and Diane Evans (PCC Minute Secretary).  This is the only committee required by law.  It has the power to transact the business of the PCC between its meetings, subject to any directions given by the Council.

Pastoral Group:  Joyce Barber, Val Collins, Sylvia Hepper, Annette Denham, Mavis Jubb, Sheila Walker and Beryl Wilson.  The pastoral visiting team continue to visit parishioners who are unable to attend worship at church and who are housebound or in care, and give communion in the home when requested.  A buddy scheme is also in place to make sure that contact is maintained with all members of the church, whether attending regularly or not.

Shared Ministry: Sylvia Hepper, Mavis Jubb, Carol Richardson, Rev. Lissa Scott, Clare Tuddenham and Beryl Wilson. The main aim of this group is to identify and encourage vocational ministry from within the congregation.

Communications GroupPeter Craig, Diane Evans,Ruth Irving, Phyll Joy, Mavis Jubb, Gordon Tough, Clare Tuddenham and Kelly Waistell.   This group aims to improve methods of communications within the parish, for instance via our website, publicity for events, e-newsletters, noticeboards, and the local press.

Social and Fundraising Group: Kelly Waistell, Peter Craig, Peter Waistell and Diane Evans. Co-ordination and promotion of a calendar of events approved by the PCC.

Fabric Group:  Peter Craig, Diane Evans, Ruth Irving, Gordon Tough and Peter Waistell.   Day to day repairs, updating and maintenance issues.