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Vicar's Letter of the Month  - February


Rev’d Ruth Dawson writes …….


As I write this, the Christmas celebrations are behind us, we are almost half-way through the Epiphany season and already, because Easter is so early this year, Lent is fast approaching.  I've been reflecting much about how busy life is; in a twenty-four seven culture, most of us are constantly on the move with full schedules and heads full of what has to be done next, and how can we fit it all in.  And of course, we all know the saying “if you want something done, ask a busy person”, a saying which is very often true.  


During Advent, I focused very much on opening up fully to God, letting him into our lives totally, making time for him, time to grow our relationship with him.  These are very appropriate sentiments and it's what all Christians aspire to, and yet I have to admit that - curate or not - I certainly find myself from time to time  failing to practice what I preach.  Jacob Astley, a soldier in the time of the Civil War prayed before the 1642 Battle of Edgehill, “ Lord, thou knowest how busy I must be this day.  If I forget thee, do not thou forget me”.  Is that a prayer that some of us could find ourselves praying rather too often?  


God never forgets us, and we are his people, but if we are to grow ourselves in discipleship and truly have his love shining from us for all to see, we have to keeping working on our relationship with him.  However busy we are, I imagine all of us take time out to be with family or friends;  God is both family and friend to us and it follows therefore that we should take time - even a few minutes - on a daily basis, to be with him in thought and prayer, getting closer to him, feeling his presence.  God is with us all the time, and he longs for us to be with him.


I don't make formal new year resolutions, but I have made one this year - I'm resolved that however busy I am, however many pressing matters are piling up on my desk, I'm going to make more time on a daily basis to have some quiet moments with God, when I listen to him rather than “having a shopping list, or a to do list” for him.  Perhaps you too could open your hearts, minds and ears more to him, so that his light shines even brighter from you, as we begin to ready ourselves for the Lenten preparation.


God's blessings on you all.