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Vicar's Letter of the Month  -  July


Reverend David Lucas writes ...


Greetings, I write this piece by way of introduction.  My name is David Lucas, and I am the newly ordained curate for the Benefice of Heighington St. Michael and Darlington St. Matthew & St. Luke with the Rev’d Lissa Scott.  My wife, Hanna, our children, and I are very excited to be joining your communities in this next season of (hopefully) post Covid-19 life.  I feel as if I am taking the next steps on a journey, that began for me, many years ago.  I was reflecting recently on a little event from my childhood that, at the time, seemed so trivial; but which has come to have incredible consequences for the whole of my life.  I wasn’t raised in a Christian home; and growing up in Canada, teachers weren’t permitted to talk about faith in school.  But I had a lovely teacher named Mrs Todd who was still willing to share something of her own faith.  While reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis to her year 2 class, Mrs Todd made clear to us that the character Aslan, who in the stories was the creator of Narnia and its saviour, was really an analogy of Jesus.  This may actually have been the first time I had heard the name of Jesus.

This small loving act, and countless like it, from so many other people, have serviced God’s purposes in my life to plant seeds that have sprouted and grown in much fruitfulness. Through wonderful joys and painful struggles, I have come to know the greatest of gifts: knowing Jesus and His love.  As I come to join the Benefice, I would love to know your stories of joys and struggles as well; and to ask with you the question where might God be in your own stories?  I am grateful to Mrs Todd and people like her who were willing to share that love.  I look forward to discerning with you all in Heighington and Darlington, God’s love for you and for one another.  We never know the extent to which our words and actions might be a blessing to others.  But God does.  In the great liturgy of the Church, in the formal prayers and format of what we do on a Sunday, He invites us to participate in His wonderful works of love.  God gathers us, loves us and sends us out to share that love.  Having been fed by God on word and sacrament, we are sent out into the world ‘to Love and Serve our Lord’; we are equipped and empowered by God Himself to be ambassadors of these works of love wherever life might bring us.  May I encourage you this week, this very day even, to seek out His love and share that love with others.  As we emerge into a post-covid-19 world let us go forward together to Love and Serve the Lord.  Praise be to God.

Blessings to all of you.