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Heavenly Father in this month of May we celebrate Jesus’ Ascension and the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost to the disciples help us to remember all those Christians down the centuries who have been touched by the Spirit in many ways living their lives out day from day always believing that He was alongside them at all times whether it be war, famine or disease.

Today we live in a similar world with war, famine and disease still rife.  We give thanks for the work of the scientists who find ways of helping millions of people worldwide not least those who have developed the vaccines against Covid-19, thus enabling further restrictions to be lifted so that we might begin to return to meeting and spending time with friends and relatives both inside and out.

We pray for the family of little Isabel Payne who will be baptised on Sunday 9th May.  We pray for her parents Sam and Nicola and her sister Ivy as she joins the great family of the Church and ask that you watch over them all.

We pray for the success of our Annual Parochial Church Meeting being held on Sunday 23rd and give thanks for all those who have volunteered to stand for the PCC and Wardens.

Heavenly Father we continue to pray for Her Majesty the Queen and the Royal Family as they continue to mourn the sad passing of Prince Philip – the Duke of Edinburgh.  We pray too for all those who have lost loved ones over this past year and the families that have been unable to come together to support each other at these the saddest of times.

‘My peace I leave with you’, this is His promise;

My peace I give to you’, this is His word.

Let not our hearts be sad, troubled or uncertain;

‘My peace I leave with you.’


Lord Jesus, grant to us that peace enduring,

Not as the world imparts –

Unsure, untrue;

But inward happiness past our understanding –

‘My peace I leave with you.’


O may this peace be known throughout all nations,

That strife and enmity on earth may cease,

And ways of peace replace weapons of destruction –

‘My peace I leave with you.’


O happy prophecy! O blessed promised!

O may we always strive to make it true;

And may we never lose our dear Master’s message –

‘My peace I leave with you.’


Brian Thomas

© Oxford University Press